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Bible Studies

Women's Bible Study

We have all experienced loss and heartache throughout our lives. Come join us for this relational study from the amazing Evans family! Bring an open heart and plenty of tissues as we delve into coping with one of the hardest things in life! 

A sign sheet will be on the Women's Ministry Table.

Men's Bible Study

What do you say when family and friends start asking difficult questions about your faith? Run and hide? Change the subject? With warmth and openness, Mittelberg tackles the 10 most troubling questions facing today's Christians---and answers them. Discover how to respond to queries about heaven and hell, suffering, homosexuality, the authority of Scripture, and more.

General Study

The study is entitled “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” by Josh & Sean McDowell. This study is for anyone who has ever been stumped by arguments against Christianity or the Bible or has wondered for themselves if the Bible's depiction of Jesus is true and not just a made-up fairytale.

Come join John Guth in this very interesting Bible Study

 on Sunday, 6-7pm.

All are welcomed.

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