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What to Expect

Nice people: We love having new folks visit! We want you to feel welcome, and we want you to get to know us. We will be happy to help you find your way around, know where your kids go, and locate our worship center. Anything you want to know —just ask someone! We're here to help.


A casual atmosphere: We care about you — not what you are wearing! We have people in suits and ties and we have people in blue jeans and t-shirts. When you come in, stop at our Café and get a cup of coffee and a muffin if you like. That's a good place to sit for a minute and get to meet some people. When you come into the worship center, you will not be singled out or asked to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.


A safe, fun environment for kids: If you have kids, they will enjoy being in our KidsZone (nursery through sixth grade). We have a security system that ensures that you alone can pick up your kids when the service is over. All our folks who work with children have had formal background checks. Your kids will be safe. They will have fun. They will be cared for and taught by loving, kind people who have a heart for ministering to children. If you feel that your kids may not be comfortable without you, we have a family lounge in which you can stay with your kids for a while and let them get used to a new place. You can watch the worship service on closed-circuit television from that room. Stay as long as you need and give your children the opportunity to get used to new surroundings and new people.


Practical teaching: Teaching the Word of God is a priority at First Christian Church. We are blessed with Sunday School teachers (for adults and kids) who are knowledgeable communicators of Scripture. The sermons are designed to help us apply Biblical truths to real-world situation in the 21st century.


Music that honors God and inspires His people: Our worship services are designed to help each person truly worship the Lord. Music is subjective — different styles of music appeal to different people. We seek to have a blend of styles which helps everyone focus on our objective — honoring God with praise and worship.


You are welcome here: We care about all people. We don't care about what you used to be. We don't care about the color of your skin or the shape you're in. God's love knows no such bounds, and we are seeking to emulate His love. Come and see us. We will be very happy to welcome you and get to know you.

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