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In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty

and in all things love."

Important Beliefs

Things the church will have a definite teaching on, but do not affect salvation.


Discipleship is the fundamental ministry of the local church which facilitates the development of Christ-like people. The scripture commands believers to gather together for the teaching of God's Word, fellowship, prayer, encouragement. Wherever God's people meet in obedience to these commands, there is a local expression of the church. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Head of the Church, and that every local church has the obligation to seek to appoint godly men as leaders, as they rely upon Godʼs wisdom and daily guidance. 

Spiritual Gifts

We believe God still enables his people to accomplish His work. However, we also believe the miraculous spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament were for a particular time and purpose. These gifts were given by the laying on of hands of an Apostle and ceased shortly after God had finished revealing the New Covenant through them. 

End Times

Though there are many differing ideas about the events that will lead up to the end of time there are five basic facts that we believe are important for every Christian to acknowledge.


    1. The resurrection of the dead 

    2. The literal return of Jesus Christ 

    3. The final judgment by God

    4. The existence of Heaven

    5. The existence of Hell 


Though the teaching of First Christian Church will come from an Amillennial perspective, we acknowledge those who have a different understanding on this topic.

Eternal Security

We believe each individual has the freedom to accept or reject Godʼs offer of forgiveness. We also believe those who accept that offer still retain the ability to reject God and His grace. Your salvation, once received, is something the Christian must work out on a daily basis. 

Lord's Supper

We believe the taking of the Lordʼs Supper (Communion) is a commemoration and proclamation of Jesus death until He comes again. It is a reminder how Jesus supplied for our need. We take the Lordʼs Supper every Sunday and encourage Christians to remember Jesus and His sacrifice on our behalf as often as they meet together.


Christians should be generous, giving people. We also believe as Christians meet together they should give to support the ministry of the local congregation as well as other works of evangelism and benevolence. Though 10% was given as a standard of giving in the Old Testament, we believe the standard for the Christian is to give as they have been blessed. This means a Christian should decide the amount he/she is going to give and give it joyously. There is nothing wrong with using 10% as a standard for giving, however the Christian should never use 10% as a limit. 

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